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Awareness Creates Choice. Choice Creates


Psychological Services, Coaching, Psychedelic Integration 


With so many options available, choosing someone to work with can be overwhelming. The most important aspect of any therapeutic or coaching relationship is the fit- knowing your goals and visions align with my style and abilities.Read more about me and my approach, or contact me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone session. I look forward to connecting with you!




What Do You Want to Create?

Whether you're looking to do a deep dive into patterns that no longer serve you, target a specific goal, or have discovered a new way of being, I can help you on your journey of discovery and success.

Psychological Services

Individual and Couple's therapy, focused understanding deep patterns and getting "un-stuck." Learn More

Coaching and Consulting

Solution-focused individual or couple's coaching meant to target a specific topic. Learn More

Psychedelic Integration

Guidance on the path of self-discovery for those who have had a psychedelic experience. Learn More

Offering Virtual Sessions 


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