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Psychedelic Integration

The buzz about psychedelics seems to be everywhere these days- in the news, on podcasts, featured in documentaries. Whether you're psychedelic curious or an experienced psychonaut integration is one of the most important parts of your journey. 

Why Integration?

Psychedelics are powerful tools- but they are not a silver bullet or magic cure. Aside from proper set and setting, one could argue that integration is the most important piece of a psychedelic journey, and what separates recreation from therapeutic use. When done with a trained specialist, integrating your experience is necessary to help you retain the benefit of the psychedelic. Current research suggests that after using a classic psychedelic, the brain has more "neuroplasticity"- which just means there's greater chance to form new pathways in the brain.  Without integration, you've essentially shaken a snow globe without any control of where or how the snow flakes might land.

What Is Integration?

Integration coaching involves making meaning out of the psychedelic experience, and finding out how that new understanding impacts your life currently. New perspectives, behaviors, and new relationships with yourself and others are now open to you. Together, we will understand your experience and maximize the benefits going forward. This includes challenging or "hard" trips- which are sometimes our biggest teachers!

Please note that the Psychedelic Integration Therapy is intended to be a safe space for those who have used, are currently using, or intend to use psychedelic substances in their personal lives and outside of a legal setting.  Psychedelic Integration Therapy does not involve providing or prescribing any psychedelic or other controlled substance to a client during the course of therapy.  Additionally, it does not include referring to “underground” resources, recommending use, guiding, supervising or otherwise being present with a client during a psychedelic experience. Clients should not plan to attend therapy sessions while under the influence of any psychedelic or any other controlled substance, unless prescribed by a doctor.

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