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Image by Alex Iby

Rising In Relationship

Triggers are relationship landmines, that keep us from fully connecting with ourselves and others. But together, we can change that.

You've read all the books, blogs, and articles. Maybe you've been to couple's therapy, and learned about "I..." statements, feeling words, and timeouts. So the questions is... why isn't it working? Why is your relationship still struggling? If it were just as simple as learning a few new tricks, we would all be solid in our relationships. But there is more to the story.

Using Triggers As Tools...

Our partners are our perfect trigger. Anything unresolved, unhealed, or not dealt with will present itself in our romantic relationships. Most couple's therapy teaches skills to avoid triggers, rather than learning to use them as tools.

Rising In Relationship

This coaching program is designed to help you discover and understand each other's triggers, and use them as a guide towards, rather than away from, each other. This three month program can be tailored to fit individual needs, but begins with an initial assessment month, followed by intensive and goal-directed work. If you're ready to commit to creating the relationship you've always dreamed of, contact me today for more information!

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